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Gymnastics Beam and Mat Kits


Zuu is an industry leader in supplying a wide range of gymnastics beams in Australia. We have an extensive range of innovative solutions, catering for all levels or ability. Our focus is to offer the highest quality and safest beams on the market. As with all of our equipment, our objective is to offer products that help improve the health, balance, agility, and overall skills of your child through our high-quality kids balance beams and related accessories.

Extensive Range Of Beam and Mat Kits

We have an extensive range of gymnastics balance beams, we have from floor to 30cm options, varying lengths and a choice of colours allowing your gymnast to continue to practice at home.

If your child is just starting out, we have a great range of high density foam beams that rollout out or fold out. 

For the more advanced gymnast we have our Junior Balance Beam range in 2.5m and 3m beam lengths. 

For the elite gymnast, our Pro-Low Level Beam is the perfect choice. With a moulded aluminium core, covered in high density foam and wear resistant suede, this beam emulates the dimensions found in competition beams. 

We have developed a range of Beam and Mat Kits catered for all levels of gymnastics abilities. We have carefully selected compatible products to make selection easier. In addition, we have also offered the best prices in the market place.