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Zuu’s Arabesque Double portable ballet barre is lightweight yet very stable, making it the perfect addition to any home ballet studio. It is available in beautiful pink, has two barres that are adjustable from 10cm to 120cm allowing two ballet dancers to practice at the one time. It is constructed in powder coated steel and has rubber non scratch feet and easily adjustable connectors.


Our Arabesque Double is 130cm x 122cm x 61cm.


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1. What height do I adjust my Ballet Barre to?
We suggest that the ballet barre be adjusted to the elbow height of the dancer. For the double barre this can be set separately dependent on the different heights of the dancers.

2.    Is freestanding Ballet Barres safe and sturdy?
Zuu’s freestanding ballet barres are intended for use in keeping balance during ballet or other dance exercises. We have not designed them to hold the weight of the student, especially when pushing against the barre. Downward weight is acceptable, as this will not cause the barre to fall over. The ability to use a freestanding ballet barre is very helpful in ballet (without tipping it over) as it helps to improve balance and core strength.

3.    How many people can use a freestanding ballet barre at one time?
This will depend on what you are doing. If you are using it to hold onto with one hand you can fit more than if you are doing leg stretches. We have found that for our Arabesqu Double can be used by 2 people at the one time. The barres may be used on both sides.

4.    Should I purchase a single or double barre?
A double barre is beneficial when there are multiple users of different heights. (ie. a teacher and a student, or two different size students.) Even for a single user, having the second barre is a luxury so that you can have both barres set at heights you desire without needing to change them.

5.    Can I use a ballet barre for barre fitness, or other fitness programs?
For some barre fitness and other programs a ballet barre will work fine. The ballet barre is intended to maintain balance, and isn’t designed to bear the full weight of a student/user. So, if your intention is to keep balance then the barre will work well. Other barre fitness programs are more strenuous and require pushing and pulling and weight bearing which a freestanding ballet barre cannot withstand.

6.    Are the freestanding ballet barres easy to assemble?
Yes, they are easy to assemble and disassemble as required. Follow the instructions (on this website) on how to assemble.  


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